The future of content marketing in the AI era

Over the last few weeks, I've found myself having some interesting conversations about ChatGPT, AI copywriting, and the future of content marketing with my client Maciej at SOMO Cowork/SOMO Village.

We've been chatting about how ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence at large will change the way content is created and how we (and everyone) need to adapt.

So, I thought I'd share a few of the insights we've mulled over.

Will Artificial Intelligence forever change the way people create content?

A month or two ago, I wrote an article detailing my experience with ChatGPT. I used it to write a marketing email and shared my findings.

I won't recap it all here, but my short answer was no. There are some amazing applications for ChatGPT in the content creation process, but I don't see it making content writers obsolete anytime soon.

Here's the caveat: Artificial Intelligence will force us to adapt the way we approach content marketing.

The internet is saturated with blog content. Most of it isn't very good. And tools like ChatGPT will only serve to flood the web with even more "meh" content.

And that's where things get interesting.For content marketers and the coworking spaces who use content marketing to build their brands and businesses, ChatGPT is a really exciting challenge.

It's a challenge to be better. To level up our game. And to think about how we can make something that stands out from the sea of lackluster content.

How will savvy content marketers and coworking spaces adapt to the era of AI?

Here are my two cents.ChatGPT is based on "inputs." You give it commands and it responds accordingly.

But there are some "inputs" that AI simply can't get on their own—and that's where we find our chance to shine.

When thinking about creating content that will stand out in the era of AI copywriting, lean into those inputs. Things like:

  • Interviews with experts
  • Interviews with members
  • Thought leadership
  • Specific answers to real questions your members have

Not only can AI not access that information on its own, these inputs are also what humanize content, make it more credible, and ensure it's engaging for your target audience.

Some people are nervous about AI in content marketing. But, when you look at it from this lens, it's an exciting challenge for all of us to take our content to the next level.

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