Grow your coworking business with direct-response content marketing and copywriting.

Attract new members and get more engaged with your existing ones.

I work with coworking spaces from across North America to create and implement content marketing and copywriting strategies that help them grow their membership base.

Your coworking space is more than just a place to sit down and work. It's a place where your members can go to be part of an engaging community, to socialize, and to sharpen their professional tools.

And that's exactly what your prospective members are going to be looking for when they're scouring the web for the coworking space that's the perfect fit for them.

A great content strategy will do two things for your coworking space:

  1. It'll provide added value to your existing members to help you make sure they come back every month

  2. It'll show your prospective members what makes your coworking space the right one for them

And that's how I can help you: by working with you to strategically create the right types of content to bring value to your current and potential members and to identify the right channels to reach them.


Taylor Mason

"I know words. I have the best words."

Communications is in my blood. I'm a third-generation communications professional who comes by it honestly and lives it passionately.

I got my start in public relations agencies, creating and leading campaigns for global brands spanning nearly every industry imaginable. 

I departed the PR world and began working independently in content marketing and copywriting. 

And that's how I was first introduced to, and ultimately fell in love with, the world of coworking.

Like many others in my position, I got bored, lonely, and burnt out working at home alone all day. So, I moved into a coworking space and it helped me to socialize, build my professional network, and learn new skills.

That's why I've made it my career to help other people realize the value of coworking spaces and, in turn, help support coworking spaces and all they do for professionals who have adopted a new way of working.

In my work, I believe in providing top-tier client service and delivering business results using the persuasive strength of great content.


So, whether you need an outsourced content marketing manager or a collaborative partner for a one-off copywriting job, I can help you reduce your stress and achieve your goals.​


"It was a great pleasure to work with Taylor for our website copy. He poured his heart into it and gave us something special. He completely turned our website around and made it appealing. Taylor was introduced to us by our marketing strategist who had worked on several projects with him. We worked collaboratively throughout the project and Taylor is very easy to communicate with. He's a genuine writer who likes taking risks but is also very open to taking notes and tailoring around your own energy. I was completely satisfied with the work that he did for us and I will have him on board for future projects of the same nature."

Sina Djamshidiat


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