Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our clients say about us.

"Working with Talemaker was one of the best marketing decisions I've ever made. I love how they went the extra mile to really get to know us, our story and, most importantly, our diverse community. This empowered them to create a steady stream of content that was truly original, and perfectly captured our unique, quirky vibe.

The team is friendly, super easy to work with, and always delivers on time. I would recommend Talemaker to any coworking space looking to breathe some life into their marketing strategy."

Neil Martin
Project Spaces

"We first worked with Talemaker to craft copy for the website for a new coworking space. From there, we quickly realized that they're a great asset that can help us elevate our content marketing efforts for the entire portfolio of companies under SOMO Group. Talemaker is always able to translate our key messages into great copy, and above all, they are a great partner to work with."

Maciej Plich
Marketing Director,
SOMO Group

"Our relationship with Talemaker began over three years ago and, as good relationships do, ours has grown. What began as one-sided questions and answers to create blogs and copy has turned into strategic conversations about our industry and Launch’s place in it. We're only in this position because of Taylor. He has taken the time to learn about our industry, the other major players in it, and what people are saying about its future. Taylor has become an integral part of what we do on a daily basis and the results he has provided are real and valuable."

Mike Kriel
Launch Workplaces

"Taylor has deep knowledge of the coworking industry and he has creative writers on his team. We needed a strategic partner that could help us stand out from our competition and promote our space so that I could focus on our members, our space, and our community. That's where Talemaker came in."

Chelle Peterson
Co-Founder & Director of Community Operations,
The Post Workspaces

"I've worked with Taylor on over a dozen projects. He goes above and beyond; he's easy to work with; he's keen; he's an excellent writer; and most importantly, he gets you the results you're looking for. He makes my job a lot easier. He'll be the best hire you have."

Kevin Whelan

"We first hired Talemaker to develop the copy and brand messaging for our website. Since then, we've hired them to manage our blog and email marketing initiatives. It makes my life easier having him work with us. I wish we had more Talemakers working with us!"

Josh Mente
Co-Balt Workspace