Service packages

Whether you're getting ready to open your first location, looking to refresh and re-energize your brand, or you're a multi-location business looking to enlist new members and engage your current ones, I'll work with you to identify, create, and distribute the right content to meet your goals.

Explore all the ways we can work together below.

The Content Manager Bundle

Starting at $3,250/mo.

If you want the full benefits of a dedicated content marketing manager without the overhead costs of a full-time employee, this is the bundle for you. I offer top-to-toe content marketing services so you can focus on growing your coworking business knowing your communications initiatives are in good hands.

With the Content Manager Bundle, you'll get the whole nine, including:

  • Strategic counsel

  • Editorial calendar development and management 

  • Newsletter development and distribution

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • SEO-enriched blog content and online resources

• Social media management 
• Development of web copy, product pages, and descriptions
• Proofreading and copyediting

The Kickstart Copy Bundle

Starting at $2,000 each

If you're getting ready to launch a coworking space, it's important to establish your brand identity. It’s what will help your potential members choose you over the competition by helping you distinguish your space and its culture. I help you do this by working collaboratively to identify and articulate your coworking space's brand messaging and then conveying it through your digital presence.

With this bundle, I'll help you make a great first impression through:

  • Brand messaging consultation and development

  • Development of strategic website copy designed to drive sales

The Content Fundamentals Bundle

Starting at $1,750/mo.

If you're looking to keep your existing members engaged and attract new prospective members, you need to keep your coworking space top-of-mind with using quality content at multiple touchpoint. And that's exactly what the Content Fundamentals Bundle will help you do.

This package will give you the core components of a great content marketing strategy, including:

  • SEO-enriched blog content

  • Newsletter distribution

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Social media management

Custom Projects

Priced to specifications

If you don't require ongoing services or if you don't see a package that reflects your exact needs, custom projects can be created.

This is ideal when you lack the time, resources, or expertise to address specific communications challenges.

I'll work with you to custom-tailor a solution that fits your needs.

A-la-carte services

Priced per project

Brand positioning

Your members choose your coworking space over the competition because it aligns with their values and their workstyles. That's why it's vital to identify your space's unique identify and disseminate it strategically through every piece of content you share.

Web copy

When a prospective member lands on your web site, you've got a split second to grab their attention and capture their interest. If your web copy sucks, they're going to bounce right off your page. But if it captivates them, then you're cooking with gasoline.

Service, space, and amenity descriptions

In the words of Alec Baldwin: "ABC. Always. Be. Closing." But here's the hitch: your online presence doesn't include a community manager on standby who can be inspired to sell memberships like they're watching Glengarry Glen Ross. That's why your service, space, and amenity descriptions need to handle that job by romancing your prospective member into booking a tour.

Email marketing

When it's done right, your email marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. It allows you to connect with your members and prospective members and to nurture those valuable relationships. But their inbox is already packed with spam, so crappy copy will just land your email in their "annoying and ignored" pile. That's why you need strategic and captivating content to get your emails opened and engaged with – from welcome notes to newsletters, drip campaigns, event invitations, and promotional materials.

Online resources

Content marketing is drastically less costly than traditional methods and has been proven to bring in three times more leads. Helpful and well-written content – such as blog posts, white papers, podcasts, eBooks, fact sheets, brochures, and FAQ documents – can be used to effectively guide potential members through your entire marketing funnel. More leads in the funnel mean more conversions into memberships.

Social media

Social media is the new marketplace. It's where your consumers go to shop, gain inspiration, and seek reviews from their peers. One in four social media users is following brands they might make a purchase from, making intriguing social media content a must for your coworking business.

Digital advertisements 

From display ads to social media ads and native advertising, one of the best ways to make sure your prospective members don't just roll their eyes and move right past your message is with captivating copy that draws them in.

Member stories

The only story as powerful as your own is the one that your members tell on your behalf. It's one thing for you to say what makes your coworking space so great. It's another thing to have your members say it for you. That's why member profiles and case studies are such a powerful tool.

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