Case Study: Collaborating with Our Client NSS to Create Content That Drives Quantifiable Results

In March of this year, we worked with our client, Northern Specialty Supplies Inc., to create a blog article focused on a crisis that was plaguing industries that are key to their business.

In the months that followed, the article had climbed to second place in its respective Google search and created quantifiable results for the client.

For NSS, this article did its job. But what was it that made this particular article so effective? The answer lies in a few basic but important content creation fundamentals.

We’ll get to that shortly…

But first, some context.

Northern Specialty Supplies Inc. is in the business of boosting efficiency for single and multi-location companies by consolidating the delivery of quality specialty supplies. Operating in multiple industries, including finance, retail, parking and amusement and gaming, they provide equipment and supplies to solve their customers’ money handling, security, distribution and warehousing needs. Their products include everything from receipt rolls and thermal paper/point-of-sale rolls to parking violation and citation rolls and spitter tickets and receipts.

That’s where the challenge comes into play.

These thermal paper products – and by extension, the businesses that use them – rely heavily on something called leuco dye. This chemical – the vast majority of which is produced in China – is a crucial raw material used in the production of thermal paper.

Rewind to late September 2017. The Chinese government takes a hard stance on emissions produced by domestic factories and conducts a widescale crackdown – fining and even shutting down factories for violating pollution legislation. In the end, the government shut down nearly 40 per cent of the country’s factories to some degree.

Let that sink in.

Caught in the flurry of discipline was Connect Chemicals, which dominated the world’s leuco dye production. It, along with two other factories, was ordered to halt production, in turn shutting down 80% of the world’s production of leuco dye and causing its price to skyrocket by 500% - yes, with two zeroes.

For NSS, this meant unpredictable and unpreventable turbulence and instability for core customers across key sectors.

With an unpredictable business landscape ahead, NSS took an expert stance to ensure its customers were informed and prepared.

To do so, NSS and TMC collaborated to create an article with a few defined and specific goals:

  • Position NSS as a credible expert in its industry

  • Inform existing and potential net-new customers of the crisis

  • Educate them on potential implications to their businesses

  • Share insights and advice on how businesses could protect themselves from the leuco dye shortage

  • Offer NSS service solutions to help minimize the impact of the crisis on their customers’ businesses

The article climbed the ranks of Google and created conversions for NSS.

Shortly after publishing, the article began yielding results for NSS, including (as of publishing time):

  • Became 2nd on Google search for ‘leuco dye’ – directly below Wikipedia

  • Topped dozens of other articles on the topic

  • 2,196 pageviews

  • 2,010 unique pageviews

  • 4:27 average time on page

  • Created 12 leads

  • Drove conversion of 5 leads into sales with strong repeat potential

  • Contributed to NSS’s hard-earned Trusted Advisor status

The application of basic – but fundamental – content development principles helped the article grow legs.

While the article was notably successful, its success was a result of the application of basic, fundamental content creation principles:

  • Start with the target audience and work backwards

  • Utilize expertise and industry awareness to develop relevant, timely and topical content

  • Be clear, concise and fact-based

  • Provide helpful and solutions-based insight

When executed correctly, content marketing is a powerful tool. It allows businesses to credibly connect with their target audiences through useful, timely and topical information and insightful, trustworthy thought-leadership. With strategically crafted content, business can earn consumer confidence and ultimately drive conversions.

To learn how TMC can leverage the power of content marketing to help your brand tell its tale, drop us a line.


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